Sally Pipes Featured in Newsmax Article on Dangers of Prescription Drug Importation

Cheaper Prescription Drugs Through Deregulation, Not Importation

By Jared Whitley

Healthcare is frequently a sore spot for the United States in international comparisons. We conservatives like to insist that “America is No. 1,” and when leftists want to take the wind out of our sails, the first thing they point to is healthcare.

So, healthcare will prove something of a bellwether for President Trump, who has made “America is No. 1” his entire guiding philosophy.

As part of the Trump Administration’s goal to make medicine more affordable, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering a plan to allow foreign companies to import cheaper prescription drugs, something which is otherwise banned in the United States.

While an alluring idea, importation has some huge risks . . .

Pacific Research Institute President/CEO Sally C. Pipes said, “There is no way to import drugs from abroad while guaranteeing patients’ safety. It would be nearly impossible to source medicines only from reputable suppliers in developed countries.”

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