Sally Pipes in NorCal Record, “Concerns grow as California has used less than half of 5 million COVID-19 vaccines received”

By Sarah Downey, Northern California Record

With California now predicting it could take months longer than anticipated to vaccinate people ages 65 and older, a health policy expert said a wider distribution network could improve efficacy and help the state advance further in its economic recovery.

California has received nearly 5 million COVID-19 vaccine doses but only 2.2 million have been administered, according to the latest data from the CDC. . .

. . .

“They need to get with the program and get the vaccines out there to everybody as fast as they can, and the government has been the stumbling block,” Pipes said. “That’s just a microcosm of what would happen if the government took over our health care system, which is what Attorney General [Xavier] Becerra, who’s up for Secretary of Health and Human Services, wants to do.” . . .

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