Sally Pipes Mentioned in “Obamacare Reboots For Prescription Drugs Take Congress By Storm”

Everyone wants to live the American dream. But many of us also fear the American nightmare: An expensive medical problem that wipes out our financial security. Maybe it’s a trip to the emergency room, or a chronic illness that requires expensive prescription medicine.

That shouldn’t destroy our lives. But to prevent this, we need good public policy, not kneejerk ones that substitute government price-fixing for market-based reforms. . .

. . .As medical analyst Sally Pipes notes, “If Medicaid is paying doctors and hospitals less than they need to cover their costs, then someone else has to pay more for those providers to stay in business.” That someone is likely to be patients, the very people this bill was supposed to help. Recall that Obamacare promised you could keep your doctor. Well, not if your doctor retires. . .

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