Sally Pipes Mentioned in WSJ Op-ed on Biden

Has the Pandemic Changed Biden? Not enough to shelve his plans for trillions in tax hikes.

By: James Freeman

A common view is that the coronavirus will permanently change American society in fundamental ways. Already it has radically changed political campaigns in 2020. For example, the leading candidate for President is rarely seen leaving his house. Yet Joe Biden’s conviction that the U.S. economy needs a massive tax increase appears unshaken. Is it time for the former Vice President to reconsider his economic plan?

As for his stealth campaign, Mr. Biden’s absence seems to be making the hearts of voters grow fonder, while creating a challenge for President Trump. . .

. . .

Sally Pipes writes in Forbes about the Biden campaign’s recent announcement of “policy task forces”:

Those task forces are a who’s who of the progressive elite—and signal that Biden is going to run for the White House on a platform that is further to the left than any Democrat in history.

His healthcare task force is a haven for advocates of a government takeover of health insurance. Chief among them is Sen. Bernie Sanders, his former rival for the Democratic nomination… The highest-wattage name on Biden’s climate change task force is New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She has made the Green New Deal her signature legislative proposal…

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