T2AR: The Second American Revolution

The American people are in a restive state resembling the mood of their ancestors two 60 new Representatives in the largest election wave since 1948. In a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released on October 13, 2011, 74% of Americans believe the nation was “off on the wrong track.” If the election were held today, the Senate and the Presidency would flip to the Republican column in yet another “wave” election.

A new series for The Californian Political Review entitled “T2AR” (The Second American Revolution) will explore the similarities of events a quarter millennium ago to the events unfolding today. The author is convinced that history will record the 2008 Tarp and 2009 Stimulus bills that triggered trillions of dollars of unsustainable spending and debt are comparable to The Intolerable Acts of 1774. The fact that the Tea Party movement derived its name from the Boston Tea Party is not coincidental.

Download T2AR Articles 1-5

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