The Corrupt Classroom Bias Indoctrination Violence And Social Engineering Show Why America Needs School Choice


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As Lance Izumi writes in his new book, America’s public schools are becoming increasingly politicized, less safe, socially biased, and mismanaged. Examples like these show why more and more parents are demanding school choice:

  • Politicized Teachers: In 2016, teachers in California and North Carolina compared Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler, a Texas teacher pretended to assassinate President Trump in a video, and a New Hampshire teacher dressed up as Donald Trump and danced to a profane anti-Trump rap song.
  • Ideological Bias in the Classroom: California’s history and social studies curriculum frameworks conspicuously fail to mention monumental communist atrocities, such as the 20 million people killed by the Soviet Union and the 65 million killed by Maoist China.
  • Unsafe Environments: According to the latest federal statistics, 65 percent of public schools reported one or more incidents of violence – translating to 757,000 crimes. In 2014, teachers and school staff reportedly committed 781 sex crimes against students.
  • Financial Mismanagement: Facing bankruptcy, the Los Angeles school board still gave expensive health benefits to part-time workers, and now faces a massive $1.4 billion deficit.
  • Sexualization Of The Classroom: Pennsylvania parents have sued their school district because the district’s transgender policies force children to change in a locker room with biological members of the opposite sex.
  • Religious Bias: Parents in different states have complained and filed lawsuits regarding the unfairness and lack of balance in teaching religion in the classroom.

Izumi writes that given these examples, parents and their children should have the right and the tools to exit the public-school system for educational alternatives that better meet their needs and preferences.

About The Author

Lance Izumi, author of The Corrupt Classroom, is the Koret senior fellow in education studies and senior director of the Center for Education at the Pacific Research Institute. He is the former president of the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges. He served as an online contributor for The New York Times on education issues and the 2008 presidential campaign.

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