The Diplomatic Courier Announces Significant New Global Partners and New Advisory Board Member

Washington, DC – Today, the Diplomatic Courier is pleased to announce a significant expansion of its editorial base through partnerships with the Prague-based news organization Newstin (Czech Republic), the Zurich-based International Relations and Security Network (Switzerland), and the California-based Pacific Research Institute (United States).

‘The addition of these new partners is significant for the Courier,’ said Advisory Board Chairman Admiral Sir Ian Forbes, former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Transformation for NATO. ‘Viewed in parallel with Lisa Gable joining the Editorial Board, it vividly demonstrates the expanding reach and influence of the publication’s important portfolio in a globalised world.’

‘As more young people define themselves as ‘global citizens’, it is important to optimize the reach of these established networks of thought leaders and create a community that enables younger thinkers to participate in the debate and secure credentials that will accelerate their careers’, said Lisa Guillermin Gable, former U.S. Ambassador to the Aichi World EXPO 2005 who has recently joined the Diplomatic Courier board to expand its reach.

‘In a world that is undergoing such rapid political and economic change, engaging young people in decision-making as partners in diplomacy, democracy, and development, is the Diplomatic Courier’s raison d’être’ said Editor-in-Chief Ana Carcani Rold. ‘We are pleased to build relationships with leading organizations that allow us to identify and promote young leaders and are thrilled that Lisa Gable will lead those efforts in Washington.’

‘At Newstin we see it as our mission to better inform the world by providing a platform for better communication and understanding among people. I believe we share core values with the Diplomatic Courier, making our cooperation an obvious benefit for both of our readers’, said CEO of Newstin, Frantisek Vrabel.

International Relations and Security Network
‘The International Relations and Security Network is delighted to announce its partnership with The Diplomatic Courier. Our two organizations share the same goal-to publish intelligent commentary on today’s most pressing international issues. As of April 2008, the ISN has featured articles from the Diplomatic Courier on its news analysis service, Security Watch,’ said Chris Pallaris, Executive Editor of Security Watch at ISN.

Pacific Research Institute
‘The Diplomatic Courier brings a new voice to the global and domestic debate. As a think tank based in California, the Pacific Research Institute’s partnership with the Diplomatic Courier will offer new ideas, a fresh perspective, and challenge the current thinking,’ said Sally Pipes, President of the Pacific Research Institute.

About the Diplomatic Courier: The Diplomatic Courier is an innovative global affairs magazine based in Washington, DC, that serves as the bridge between the young generation of foreign policy thinkers-under 35 years old-and established diplomats, foreign policy experts, and decision-makers around the world. Though publications of foreign policy abound, none have engaged the younger talents the way the Diplomatic Courier has done in its short life. With young as well as established correspondents in the United States, Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Latin America, the Diplomatic Courier has proven its ability to deliver fresh analysis from seasoned journalists while fostering a growing team of new journalists around the world.

About Newstin: Newstin is a Global Social News Platform where topics and ideas are identified within the news, acquiring a social aspect by initiating communication between people, no matter their nation or language. Newstin aspires to connect people through news and create global communities of interest.

About the International Relations and Security Network (ISN): The ISN is the world’s largest open access information services provider dedicated to the IR and security community. Headquartered at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), the ISN’s mission is to promote greater knowledge sharing, learning and collaboration among its users.

About PRI: The mission of the Pacific Research Institute (PRI) is to champion freedom, opportunity, and personal responsibility for all individuals by advancing free-market policy solutions.

The summer issue, the seventh to date, released on June 23, 2008, focuses on stories surrounding peace and conflict from a unique angle often not found in daily newspaper reporting.

To schedule an interview with the Editor-in-Chief or to request a complimentary copy of the Diplomatic Courier magazine, please contact Kristin Oto,[email protected], (202) 296-0085.

Nothing contained in this blog is to be construed as necessarily reflecting the views of the Pacific Research Institute or as an attempt to thwart or aid the passage of any legislation.

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