Watch Videos from 2022 PRI California Ideas in Action Conference – Pacific Research Institute

Watch Videos from 2022 PRI California Ideas in Action Conference

Conference Theme:  Saving California

As PRI’s new book Saving California suggests, market-based reforms can help solve California’s biggest policy problems and even advance the goals of the state’s most progressive legislators. Come hear policy experts and real life changemakers discuss reforms that could push the state onto a better track and put the gold back in the Golden State.


Opening Remarks from Sally C. Pipes

PRI President, CEO, and Thomas W. Smith Fellow in Health Care Policy

Keynote Speaker – The Hon. Anne Marie Schubert

Sacramento County District Attorney

The CEQA Gauntlet

The California Environmental Quality Act, or CEQA, has been flagged as one of the prime contributors to the state’s housing woes, while also hindering the construction of new schools, critical infrastructure projects, and even climate change initiatives. The authors of PRI’s new study will discuss their research and unveil a unique visualization showing just how difficult “The CEQA Gauntlet” is to navigate. They will also discuss reforms that will enable the state to safeguard its environmental future while also growing the economy.


  • Nolan Gray, Pacific Research Institute Fellow (moderator)
  • Chris Carr, Paul Hastings LLP, Pacific Research Institute Senior Fellow, Co-Author of “The CEQA Gauntlet”

California Migrating

Even before the economic downturn fueled by the Covid-19 pandemic, California’s economy was losing jobs and opportunity to other states. The authors of PRI’s recent study document just how bad the California outmigration problem is, and the reasons why so many employers and families are leaving the Golden State. They lead a group of experts in exploring how state lawmakers can stop the flow of businesses, human capital, economic output, and tax revenue to other states through market-based reforms.


  • Dr. Wayne Winegarden, Senior Fellow, Business and Economics, Pacific Research Institute (moderator)
  • Kerry Jackson, Fellow, Center for California Reform, Pacific Research Institute (moderator)
  • The Hon. Vince Fong, California State Assemblymember, 34th District
  • Loren Kaye, President, California Foundation for Commerce and Education
  • Scott Kaufman, Legislative Director, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

California Burning

California again experienced a severe wildfire season in 2021, in the shadow of an ongoing water crisis that is increasing fire danger. Utilities implemented public safety power shutoffs, plunging Californians in the affected areas into darkness. Meanwhile, it has come to light that state officials aren’t doing what they promised to reduce wildfire risk. Policy experts discuss what can be done to prevent or reduce the severity of future wildfires, including the use of the governor’s executive powers, forest management, and water policy.


  • Steven Greenhut, Author of PRI book, Winning the Water Wars, Western Region Director, R Street Institute
  • The Hon. Daniel Kolkey, Pacific Research Institute Board Member, Chair, PRI California Reform Committee
  • Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher, California State Assemblymember, 3rd District
  • Brian Isom, Research Manager, Center for Growth and Opportunity, Utah State University


Nothing contained in this blog is to be construed as necessarily reflecting the views of the Pacific Research Institute or as an attempt to thwart or aid the passage of any legislation.

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