What We’re Watching – April 17 Edition – Pacific Research Institute

What We’re Watching – April 17 Edition


Rowena Itchon – Coronavirus Etude – For Piano and Disinfecting Wipe

For those piano players wondering how you can safely play during COVID-19, check out this special performance the composer/arranger of this very appropriate tune for a time of social distancing.

Tim Anaya – A Special Performance of “Hamilton”, Zoom Style

When 9 year-old Aubrey’s plans to see her favorite show Hamilton were dashed by the coronavirus, Lin-Manuel Miranda stepped in to the rescue.  He assembled several members of the original Broadway cast for a special “Zoom” performance of then opening number.  And thankfully, we all get to experience this magical moment, too.

Kerry Jackson – Should Price Gouging Be Illegal During a Global Pandemic?

This is a lesson that should be drilled into students, from middle school all the way through college.

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