What We’re Watching – April 24

Tim Anaya – Taking a Time Machine to a Lower Drug Price Future

In the latest video in the “Escape the Drug Pricing Maze” series, Professor Salvare takes Pete Paystoomuch in a time machine to learn how drugs become cheaper after higher initial costs that incentivize innovation. Then they go up the “prescription escalator” to learn why so much is spent on prescription drugs despite the mass use of cheaper generics.

Rowena Itchon – Coronavirus Is the Health of the State

The coronavirus pandemic threatens a world-wide wave of sickness, but it’s the healthiest thing to happen to government power in a very long time. It’ll leave the state with a rosy glow, but our freedom will end up more haggard than ever.” Another excellent video from Reason

Ben Smithwick – Pawn Shops at Crossroads of Economic Crisis

This video takes a look at how the coronavirus is impacting pawn shops and the reasons why some are not experiencing an uptick in business.

Kerry Jackson – The Green New Deal’s Bad Science

This is from last year’s Earth Day, but its points about the bad science and poor economics of renewable energy are still relevant in 2020. Candidate for best line from the video: “More people have died falling off roofs installing solar panels than in the entire history of nuclear power in the U.S.”

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