What We’re Watching – August 30 – Pacific Research Institute

What We’re Watching – August 30


Tim Anaya – Remembering a Sacramento Culinary Icon

News came on Thursday that Sacramento’s cooking icon Biba Caggiano passed away at the age of 82.  Anyone who has spent any time on the Sacramento political scene has spent more than one enjoyable meal at Biba’s.  Her lasagna, which is so complex to make that they only feature it on the menu two days a week, is truly one of the most memorable meals you’ll ever have.  Enjoy this look back at Biba’s influence on Sacramento.

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Evan Harris – What Boris Johnson’s Parliament move means for the chances of a no-deal Brexit

PBS Newshour breaks down what Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s move to suspend Parliament means for Brexit. The five week suspension, which was approved by Queen Elizabeth II this week, is the longest suspension since 1945.

Kerry Jackson – Candace Owens Makes You Think

The best line from the comments: “I hope Candace Owens runs for president someday.”

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