What We’re Watching – Bad Laws Cause California’s Homeless Crisis


Ben Smithwick – Bad Laws Cause Homeless Crisis

This latest video by John Stossel echoes what PRI’s Kerry Jackson has studied and written about extensively in recent months – well-intentioned laws are exacerbating the state’s housing and homeless crises. As the video concludes, we must unleash the power of free markets to alleviate these politician-created crises.

Tim Anaya – A “Human Prop” With a Powerful Story of Redemption

This week on the “Next Round” podcast, we talked about the 2019 State of the Union address and evaluated whether the “human props” – or the real people in the House Gallery highlighted in the speech – were an effective way to humanize the President’s initiatives. I was struck by the story of Matthew Charles, who was the first person released under the newly-signed First Step Act. Watch this profile of Charles and you’ll become a believer in the power of this particular reform to change lives.

Kerry Jackson – Venezuelans Send Message to Americans Who Want Socialism

Every high school political science teacher in the Western Hemisphere should show this to their students on the first day of class. Too bad that won’t happen.

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