What We’re Watching: Can You Really Make Ice Cream by Throwing a Ball?

I’ve been watching lots of online videos this week to find the best ones to include on this week’s What We’re Watching.

With the weather turning warming, I was tempted to recommend this one that went viral where a guy makes ice cream using kinetic energy by throwing a ball, but opted for something else that will make you think.

Here’s our picks for what we’re watching . . . and what you should be watching online.

Tim Anaya:  Already Looking Ahead to the 2020 Census

Last week, I attended a PPIC luncheon on the controversy over the pending 2020 census, and a plan by the Trump administration to ask a question about citizenship (look for my take on the issue earlier this week on Right by the Bay).

I stumbled upon this interesting one from Michael Strain at American Enterprise Institute making the conservative case against including the citizenship question.  It definitely makes you think . . . and he make his argument in just 60 seconds!

Rowena Itchon:  Trump Wax Figures Unveiled in New York

Rowena Itchon has spent last week in New York, attending lots of meetings and events.  Naturally, she’s in a “New York State of Mind” when picking her video this week.

Wax figures of the President and First Lady were officially unveiled this week at Madame Tussaud’s in New York.  Ironically, former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was on hand to help unveil the figures.  As the video shows, the figure of Melania Trump is particularly lifelike.

Sadly, Rowena reports that she didn’t get the chance to visit the museum on her trip.  Maybe next time!

Kerry Jackson:  Is California’s Beauty the Cause of our Big Government Problems

Kerry Jackson is watching a recent video from video commentator Bill Whittle where he makes a very interesting observation.  After being exposed to some wild protestors at an art festival in beautiful Santa Barbara, observed that living in one of the most beautiful places on Earth on the California coast has made some too comfortable.  In Whittle’s view, this comfort has given rise to a “political ignorance” that has fueled the big government problems that California taxpayers are paying the price for today.  It’s a head scratcher and sure to inspire a lot debate.

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