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What We’re Watching – Celebrating Baroness Thatcher

Kerry Jackson – Remembering Baroness Thatcher

Tuesday was Margaret Thatcher’s birthday. She would have been 95.  This week, PRI held its 9th annual Baroness Thatcher Gala, named in her honor. We’re all better off because of her.

Tim Anaya – Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth

I’m a huge fan of the series “The Crown” on Netflix, which profiles the reign of Queen Elizabeth II throughout the years.  This week, Netflix released the trailer for the much-anticipated 4th season of the series, which will chronicle the 1980’s and delve into the Queen’s allegedly frosty relationship with Margaret Thatcher.  In a “six degrees of separation” moment, I was once in line at customs at the Puerto Vallarta airport behind Emmy-winning actress Gillian Anderson (who portrays Margaret Thatcher on “The Crown”) and her partner Peter Morgan, who is the creator of the show.

Ben Smithwick – Extinguishing the Wildfire Threat

This video from our friends at the Goldwater Institute spotlights a new report on the causes of wildfires in the West and what can be done to reduce the risk of wildfire and improve the resiliency of our public forests.





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