What We’re Watching – December 13


Rowena Itchon – Brexit and this week’s UK Election

If you’re following the British elections and Brexit, here’s a terrific interview with Dan Hannan, Conservative Member of the European Parliament by Nick Gillespie of Reason.

Kerry Jackson – How Los Angeles is Spending Homeless Dollars Inefficiently

Cities, counties and the state keep spending billions on homelessness, yet, as this video shows, massive outlays of public money are not improving the growing problem. New thinking outside the halls of government is desperately needed.

Evan Harris – Aramco IPO Hits $2 Trillion

2019 may be dubbed the year of the IPO, or initial public offering, with well-known companies like Uber, Lyft, and Pinterest all going public. But Saudi Arabia’s Aramco, the oil company controlled by the country, went public on the local Saudi stock exchange on December 10, hitting $1.8 trillion on the first day of trading and clearing $2 trillion on the second day. The now public oil company is currently worth roughly twice as much as tech giants like Apple or Amazon.

Ben Smithwick – Watch PRI’s Tim Anaya on Commonwealth Club Panel

In case you missed it, check out the video below to watch an appearance by PRI’s Tim Anaya on this week’s “Week to Week Political Roundtable” at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. Anaya joins a group of political experts in breaking down the week’s political goings-on and looking back at the political year that was 2019.

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