What We’re Watching – How Does the 15 Percent Solution Work?


Tim Anaya – How Does the 15 Percent Solution Work?

In his latest study in the “Beyond The New Normal:  How Much Should We Spend?” series, Wayne Winegarden talks about the “15 Percent Solution,” or the ideal level of government spending to maximize economic growth.  Our latest video imagines how much we could grow the economy if Washington stopped overspending and cut taxes by implementing the “15 Percent Solution.”

Rowena Itchon – Celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s 93rd Birthday Through the Lens of Her Money

Queen Elizabeth just turned 93. Amidst all the celebration, I saw this post on Twitter that celebrates the Queen’s long life in a very unusual way – looking back at how she has changed through the years on British currency.

Kerry Jackson – Loch Ness Socialism

This is nearly five years old, but the lesson is especially appropriate in 2019, when socialism is taking over the Democratic Party.

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