What We’re Watching – Ides of March Edition


Tim Anaya – Beware the Ideas of March
Today is an infamous day in history, when Julius Caesar was assassinated by his fellow Roman senators in 44 BC. Deep down, it’s a day that has every politician a little nervous. Watch this reenactment from the American Institute for Roman Culture to see why.

Kerry Jackson – Saving California
Bill Whittle, who identifies himself as a Californian, tells us what’s wrong with California: Californians.

Rowena Itchon – A Shot Across the Bow for the Green New Deal?
Check out ReasonTV’s new video on Gov. Newsom’s move to end California’s High-Speed Rail project — A shot across the bow for the Green New Deal.

Ben Smithwick – All Kids Matter
Here is a video highlighting the work of Success Academy, featured in Lance Izumi’s book, Choosing Diversity.

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