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What We’re Watching – Independence Day Edition

Tim Anaya – Celebrate America with 4th of July Fireworks

Since most fireworks displays have been cancelled this year (outside people in my neighborhood illegally setting them off every night), I thought we would all enjoy watching some virtual fireworks.  Here’s the display from a few years back at Walt Disney World in Florida.

Ben Smithwick – Flashback:  Independence Day 1941

The History Channel presents a newsreel from Independence Day in July 1941 featuring President Roosevelt’s radio address, delivered just a few months before the Japanese attack on U.S. forces in Pearl Harbor.

Evan Harris – Gettysburg

I’m not one to re-watch old movies, but my brother and myself are big U.S. Civil War history readers. Along with Independence Day, the beginning of July is synonymous with what is considered the turning point in the Civil War on July 1 – 3, 1863 in and around Gettysburg, PA. We usually end up watching Gettysburg around this time of year. The movie is 27 years old, and during parts is pretty corny, but it still holds up as a compelling historical chronicle of a battle that led to the first notable Union victory of the war and set the stage for Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

Kerry Jackson – UK Celebrates Independence on the 4th of July, too!

This year, the British are going to have their own independence day on July 4.

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