What We’re Watching – January 24


Tim Anaya – What’s Going on with the Wuhan Flu
A growing public health crisis the Wuhan Flu outbreak in China. The first case in the U.S. was just reported in Seattle. Should we be concerned about the growing threat from this coronavirus? PRI’s Dr. Henry Miller recently joined host John Batchelor to talk about threat we face from the Wuhan Flu in the United States.


Rowena Itchon – The Impeachment Handbook
Lots of us may find the impeachment hearings tedious, so if you only wanted to watch one analysis, I think this is the best – Hoover’s Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson and guests John Yoo and Richard Epstein.

Evan Harris – Secretary Leon Panetta Speaks at PPIC
Last week, former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, among his many other roles in government, spoke at the Public Policy Institute of California luncheon in Sacramento. I was able to go to this lunch in person and found Panetta both entertaining and surprisingly thoughtful in how he answered questions like Iran, impeachment, and the election.

Kerry Jackson – The Best of Reagan’s Humor
A unique president. Unlikely we’ll ever see another like him.

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