What We’re Watching – January 4


Tim Anaya – A Trip Down California Inaugural History Lane
On Monday, Gavin Newsom will be sworn in as California’s next governor. If, like me, you enjoy the ceremony and pageantry of inaugurations, check out this Huell Howser special from the mid-1990’s exploring the history of California’s inaugurals and showing an in-depth look at Gov. Wilson’s second inauguration.

Ben Smithwick – How Government Policies Drive Up SF Housing Costs for Everyone

In this video, Reason takes a look at the anti-development forces at play in San Francisco and shows how they are actually driving up costs for everyone.

Rowena Itchon – Preview of PRI’s 40th Anniversary Gala SPeaker

For a preview of PRI’s 40th Anniversary Gala with keynote speaker Tucker Carlson on March 23, 2019, check out this interview with Tucker Carlson at the Heritage Resource Bank

Kerry Jackson – Sweden is Not a Socialist Success

The fanatical followers of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez need to watch this video. They could use the education.

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