What We’re Watching – July 20

Kerry Jackson – Exposing Myths of Plastic Straw Bans

If you’ve enjoyed reading my recent posts on efforts to ban plastic straws in California, watch this new video from Reason showing the futility of efforts to ban plastic straws.

Tim Anaya – Dr. Arthur Laffer on Universal Basic Income

Following my recent blog post this week on Stockton’s universal basic income proposal, I enjoyed this recent Charles Payne interview with Dr. Arthur Laffer, where the father of supply side economics trashes the proposal to hand out cash to people for doing nothing.

Ben Smithwick – An Oldie But Goodie from Milton Friedman

Milton Friedman discusses how he balances the libertarians’ desire for a small, less intrusive government with environmental, public safety, food and drug administration, and other issues.

Rowena Itchon – Watching Your State Government at Work
If you haven’t already, check out “Digital Democracy”, an online site that allows you to search, watch, and share statements made by state lawmakers, lobbyists and advocates as they debate, craft, and vote on policy proposals.

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