What We’re Watching – June 15 – Pacific Research Institute

What We’re Watching – June 15


Tim Anaya – San Francisco’s Crazy Voting System

This week, London Breed emerged as the winner of San Francisco’s mayor’s race. But she had to sweat out the results of San Francisco’s crazy voting system called “ranked choice voting” or “instant runoff voting.” It’s basically a scheme to rig the system so the most liberal candidate wins. The moderate Breed surprising overcame that obstacle to win the race. I watched this very entertaining video produced by KQED, which really explains San Francisco’s wild voting process.

Rowena Itchon – The Magna Carta is 803 Years Old Today!

Today, June 15th, King John signed the Magna Carta, one of the most powerful symbols of liberty in history. Check out this charming animated video from the British Library explaining its critical role in inspiring freedom around the world. For all ages – the young and the young at heart!

Kerry Jackson – Do All Scientists Really Agree on Climate Change?

We frequently hear that virtually every scientists agrees on the science surrounding climate change. But is that true – or even relevant? Here is a video from Alex Epstein of the Center for Industrial Progress, who evaluates the 97 percent claim and explains how to think more clearly about climate change.

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