What We’re Watching – June 22


Tim Anaya – When the Canadians – err British – Burned Down the White House

This week, I was in Washington, DC visiting my brother. We took in all of the touristy things, including a nighttime bus tour around the White House and all the monuments. The recent war of words between President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau over “Canada burning down the White House” (and in anticipation of my trip to Canada next week!) piqued my interest in the War of 1812. I watched this great video from CBS Sunday Morning from a few minutes back which details when the British – not the Canadians – torched the White House.

Kerry Jackson – One Venezuelan Student’s Heartbreaking Experience with Socialism

In a few short minutes, this student leader explains what many of our elites either don’t understand or refuse to acknowledge about the disaster that has been socialism in Venezuelan. Under Nicolas Maduro’s militaristic and socialist government, Venezuela has descended to one of the world’s poorest nations with so many people suffering.

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