What We’re Watching – Labor Day Memories

Rowena Itchon – Remembering Lech Walesa and the Solidarity Movement

We can’t forget this Labor Day weekend Lech Walesa and the ship workers of Gdansk, Poland. The Solidarity movement would eventually help bring down Communism and win back freedom for the eastern bloc.

Tim Anaya – Remembering A Labor Day Classic – the Jerry Lewis Telethon

My memory of every Labor Day as a kid was trying to stay up as late as I could to watch the annual Labor Day Telethon. It was an old-school Hollywood extravaganza at its best. Look for more of my memories on the Jerry Lewis Telethon in my blog post on Monday. Meanwhile, watch perhaps the most famous moment in telethon history – when Frank Sinatra brought Martin and Lewis back together after years of feuding.

Kerry Jackson – Has America Ever Been Great?

This year’s holiday that celebrates America’s working men and women falls in the midst of a controversy with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo proclaiming that America has never been great. Kerry Jackson recommends this video where Millennials are asked if America has ever been great. Their answers may not give you much hope for the future!

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