What We’re Watching – Labor Day Weekend Edition

Kerry Jackson – Beware of the “Fact Checkers”

So who is fact checking the fact checkers? Someone needs to because “all too often they fail to get even basic facts correct,” says Jim Agresti, president of Just Facts.

Ben Smithwick – Charter School City

Douglas Harris, a professor at Tulane University and founding director of the Education Research Alliance for New Orleans, discusses his new book, Charter School City: What the End of Traditional Public Schools in New Orleans Means for American Education, with Patrick Dobard, CEO of New Schools for New Orleans.

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Tim Anaya – Johnny Carson Performs Magic Card Tricks on the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon

Every Labor Day, I always think back on a holiday tradition of years past – the annual Jerry Lewis telethon for muscular dystrophy.  You’d always stay up and watch to see how long Jerry could go without sleep, and how much money they’d raise in the end for Jerry’s Kids.  It also featured every major star there was – and others like Charo and her cuchi cuchi or the comedian Norm Lewis who you probably only ever saw performing on the telethon each year.  Here’s a flashback from 1969, when Johnny Carson (who started his career as a magician) performs a card trick with Jerry, and hilarity ensues.




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