What We’re Watching – Left or Liberal?

Kerry Jackson – Left or Liberal?

I have been waging a (miserably ineffectual) one-man campaign for nearly 25 years trying to restore the proper use of “liberal.” So this first video is right in my wheelhouse. I do take one exception with Prager’s explanation, though, a true liberal, that is a classical liberal, does not support big government. Otherwise I think he gets it right, especially on No. 5.

Ben Smithwick – Janice Rogers Brown at Acton University

Judge Janice Rogers Brown delivers an engaging and informative plenary address as part of Acton Institute’s Acton University 2018. She’ll be one of the speakers at PRI’s Seventh Annual Baroness Thatcher Dinner next week honoring Governor Pete Wilson in celebration of his 85th birthday.

Tim Anaya – Beware California’s Pension Monster

I’m watching my latest creation – a new animated video that we released this week along with our chartbook and study on California’s pension crisis. The video is an early Halloween horror movie showing that California’s pension monster is hunger – and it will take massive tax increases, painful budget cuts, and a big hit to the economy to feed it. There’s even a Bacteria Bear cameo!

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