What We’re Watching – May 15 – Pacific Research Institute

What We’re Watching – May 15


Kerry Jackson – I Miss Baseball

If you love baseball, and miss your freedom, this one will move you.

Tim Anaya – Californians Could Save $2,000 A Year if State Government Embraced Free Market Energy Policies

From PRI’s latest study released this week, “Legislating Energy Prosperity”, watch and learn how Californians living through these tough times could save more than $2,000 annually – and the Golden State could continue making progress reducing emissions – if lawmakers acted to alleviate the unnecessary costs from state energy mandates.

Ben Smithwick – Being Bad at Online Learning Doesn’t Mean Online Learning Is Bad

In the latest episode of “Random Assignment” — a new video podcast from Choice Media — Bob Bowdon and Corey DeAngelis discuss how school district failures are giving online learning a bad name.

Evan Harris – Bitcoin Halving Explained

Watch video here:

For those of you looking for a break from coronavirus news 24/7, the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin recently concluded it’s third “halving” event this week. What does that mean? Basically, the amount rewarded for mining Bitcoins was cut in half, and in theory, will drive up the price of Bitcoin through more scarcity. The Bitcoin halving is a quadrennial event and is one of the more interesting modern economic experiments. The video explains the halving event and provides background on the popular cryptocurrency. BTW, as of writing this, one Bitcoin is currently worth $9,714.



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