What We’re Watching – May 17 – Pacific Research Institute

What We’re Watching – May 17


Rowena Itchon – Is Universal Basic Income the Safety Net of the Future?
Universal basic income is a topic that PRI has covered extensively, especially the proposal by Stockton Mayor Andrew Tubbs. Even some of the free-market side see basic income as a more efficient way to help those in poverty. Watch this recent debate from Intelligence Squared to see the free market debate on this hot issue.

Tim Anaya – A Preview of our Upcoming Event with Damon Dunn on Universal Basic Income

Speaking of basic income, PRI’s Damon Dunn is not a fan of basic income. In fact, he’s working on a new book on the issue. He’ll be speaking to PRI’s Young Leaders Circle on June 18 in San Francisco and sharing his thoughts on basic income and his inspiring story overcoming poverty.

Kerry Jackson – Laughing Goodbye to Tim Conway

Rest in peace, Tim Conway. Another link to a time when our comedy and comedians had more class, decency, and character than most of today’s shrill and uniformly dull comedians has left us.

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