What We’re Watching – May 22

Rowena Itchon – A Memorial Day Tribute 2020

Kerry Jackson – This Doctor Won’t Take Health Insurance – and Charges Just $35 a Visit

Meet the Pittsburgh doctor who doesn’t take health care insurance and charges only $35 for most office visits. That makes him a doctor from a different era. But at the same time he’s a pioneer and innovator who might lead a wave of change that takes medical care in a more market-oriented, and patient-centric, direction.

Tim Anaya – Sage the Detective Dog Sniffs Out Why Drug Prices Vary

In the latest video in the “Escape the Drug Pricing Maze” video, Prof. Salvare and Pete Paystoomuch join Sage the Detective Dog in searching the Drug Pricing Maze for clues about why drug prices are so different. Along the way, they learn that drug prices vary because there are so many different types of drugs, and how we make orphan drugs that treat patients with rare diseases affordable and accessible.

Evan Harris – Berkshire Hathaway 2020 Annual Shareholders Meeting

As we’re headed into uncharted economic waters, I have been checking in on the heavyweights of American economic system to see look at their take on COVID-19. We all know Buffett is referred to as the “Oracle of Omaha,” and his comments about different industries – automobile, airline, banking – provide insight, experience, and some optimism during these tough times. By the way, Buffett, who is 89 years old, spoke for four hours (he originally planned to speak for an hour).

Ben Smithwick – Farmers explain why shutting down restaurants creates domino effect on their profits

This video from GMA features commentary from Michigan farmers whose profits have been slashed as a result of the state’s strict stay-at-home orders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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