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What We’re Watching – May 31


Tim Anaya – Why Are So Many Californians Moving to Arizona?
This week, I’ve been in Arizona for Heritage Resource Bank conference. It’s really the first time I’ve spent any time in the state outside changing planes. Arizona is a state where a lot of Californians have moved in recent years, and I was curious to find out why. This video highlights the differences between the 2 states and features several former Californians sharing why they left. Not surprisingly, crime, taxes, and politics topped their reasons.

Rowena Itchon – A Preview of PRI’s Upcoming Lunch with Steve Hayward and John Yoo
Here’s a sneak preview for the PRI luncheon on June 14 with Steve Hayward and John Yoo: Hayward explains Trump at Berkeley.

Kerry Jackson – A Memorial Day Tribute Video That Inspired Controversy
Here’s the Memorial Day tribute video that got the Fresno Grizzlies in trouble. The “offending” image — a quick shot of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez between Kim Jong Un and Fidel Castro as President Reagan mentions “enemies of freedom” and “potential adversaries” — is found at the 3:06 mark. AOC is no Kim nor Castro. But she no friend of freedom, and is an adversary to the free market that has allowed us, as Reagan says in his first inaugural address, to prosper “as no other people on Earth.” Maybe her mug should have been preceded by Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s and followed by Sen. Charles Schumer’s rather positioned between a couple of murderous thugs. Could be the mistake was not putting AOC in the video but using the wrong “enemies of freedom” around her.

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