What We’re Watching – May 8


Rowena Itchon – Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Watch some of our front line medical personnel battling COVID-19 and helping people stay alive take a much-needed break to recreate the iconic scene from Titanic, with an usual, personal protective equipment-themed twist.

Kerry Jackson – Dorothy’s Song, COVID-19 Version

Somewhere, over the rainbow, there is no coronavirus.

Tim Anaya – The Relay Race to Develop New Medicines

In the latest video in PRI’s “Escape the Drug Pricing Maze” video series, Professor Salvare and Pete Paystoomuch watch government, the private sector, universities, and foundations pass the baton in a research relay race that is ultimately anchored by private companies that finish the race to develop new medicines that treat illnesses and create cures for devastating diseases.

Evan Harris – Principles for Success by Ray Dalio

I listened to Ray Dalio on a podcast this week and was reminded of his calm demeanor even in times likes these. On the podcast, Dalio brought an organized and methodical look at the economic uncertainty around the coronavirus pandemic, which is nice to hear given the normal dire tone of the media. I wanted to share an animated series Dalio did for his famed Principles for Success, in case you need some inspiration.

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