What We’re Watching – Not Yanny or Laurel

What We’re Watching – Not Yanny or Laurel

While America was obsessed this week with whether we heard Yanny or Laurel (and I hear Yanny for the record), I was busy watching other things online.  If you’re interested – or don’t know what the heck I’m talking about – watch this brief video that solves the mystery of what you’re really hearing.  Apparently, I have younger ears because I heard Yanny.

Rowena Itchon – The State of the U.S. Constitution

This week I was in Washington, DC where I attended the Bradley Symposium on the state of the U.S. Constitution. California was well-represented on the panels, which included Charles Kesler of the Claremont Institute and Victor Davis Hanson of Hoover. Prof. Kesler was one of this year’s Bradley Prize winners.

Tim Anaya – John Stossel on Seattle’s Job-Killing Tax Increase To Help The Homeless

My video of the week is a piece by John Stossel for Reason TV on Seattle passing a job-killing tax increase of $500 per worker per year on its 600 largest employers to address the city’s homeless problem. Stossel points out that one of the main reasons why the city’s housing shortage is so bad is that overregulation makes it very difficult and expensive to build housing. Not surprisingly, Amazon said it would stop construction on a new building and threatened to take 7,000 jobs out of the city unless the city revised the tax. The best scene in the video is construction workers protesting in the streets, loudly drowning out the proponents of the new tax who claim to be “fighting for workers.”

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