What We’re Watching – November 22


Rowena Itchon – Sally Pipes Debates Single Payer at UC Berkeley
Watch Sally Pipes’ debate on single-payer health care in front of students at UC Berkeley.

Ben Smithwick – On Efforts to Crack Down on Free Speech Online
Investor and entrepreneur Peter Thiel, who was the keynote speaker at PRI’s Annual Thatcher Gala on November 9 in Newport Beach, delivered the 2019 Wriston Lecture at the Manhattan Institute. One of Peter’s best responses during the Q&A session: “When there’s speech that is completely forbidden and questions that are not allowed to be asked, normally, you should assume that those things are simply true.”

Kerry Jackson – Be Thankful for the Lower Cost of Thanksgiving This Year
What to be thankful for this Thanksgiving? Give thanks that the traditional dinner costs much less than it did in the mid-1980s in adjusted dollars. It also takes less to put the food on the table.

Tim Anaya – The Kennedy Assassination, 56 Years Later
56 years ago today, President John F. Kennedy was gunned down by Lee Harvey Oswald on a parade route in downtown Dallas, Texas. Americans continue to mourn the loss of a youthful president cut down in his prime. I thought a Kennedy assassination themed video would appropriate for today’s What We’re Watching and found this interesting piece from a New Orleans television station highlighting that city’s tragic connection to the assassination and the aftermath.

Evan Harris – Big Mouth Billy Bass is Back
WGN in Chicago ran this fun story about the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in Chicago buying and reprogramming 70 Big Mouth Billy Bass to sing popular songs. If you thought one of these was annoying, image walking by 70 of them.

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