What We’re Watching – October 12

Rowena Itchon – What Happens During a Major Stock Market Crash?

It happened in 1929, in 1987, and in 2008 – an October stock market crash.  While no one wants to see it happen, it’s best to keep on our toes.  Here’s a classic video of Sam Donaldson of ABC News, reporting on the 1987 crash 31 years ago this week.

Kerry Jackson – Bernie Sanders Quotes FDR

This clip was supposed to show how insightful Bernie Sanders is but it actually shows how intellectually and morally vacuous the “progressive” movement is. The political left never tells us how something that requires others to give up their rights, in this case the establishment of “economic security,” can truly be a right.

Tim Anaya – Another Salt Lake City Olympics?

This week, I’ve been attending the annual State Policy Network convention in Salt Lake City. One of the events is being held at the Olympic Stadium from 2002, which was famously rescued by Mitt Romney after a major scandal. Salt Lake City civic leaders are planning to bid for another Winter Olympics. This short video shows off their plans to bring another Olympic games to the United States.

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