What We’re Watching- October 22


Rowena Itchon – The Presidential Cookie Poll

In battleground Pennsylvania, a presidential cookie poll shows that Trump is leading Biden.

Kerry Jackson – Trump-Biden Debate Rap

Some needed humor during an election more heated than any of us has ever seen.

Tim Anaya – Businesses Face Bankruptcy As California Keeps Disneyland Closed

Children and kids at heart everyone has been dismayed by Gov. Newsom’s self-described “stubborn” approach to reopening Disneyland and other California theme parks.  Under the state’s latest guidelines, they may not open for months.  This is having a devastating effect on small businesses near the Magic Kingdom that rely on a steady flow of tourists for their livelihood.

Ben Smithwick – Educational Choice and Justice During COVID-19

In this video from the American Federation for Children, Campbell Brown conducts an interview with Cardinal Timothy Dolan about school choice and education reform in the wake of disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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