What We’re Watching – September 14

Tim Anaya – Dave Rubin interviews Peter Thiel

Watch this fascinating interview with past PRI gala speaker Peter Thiel. In a wide-ranging discussion (more than 2 hours long!) with Dave Rubin on “The Rubin Report,” Thiel discusses his work creating PayPal and being the first outside investor in Facebook, his status as a contrarian in the tech world, his views on President Trump, moving his company out of Silicon Valley, and more.

Kerry Jackson – What Makes This Song Great? Feat. Led Zeppelin

You don’t have to be a Led Zeppelin fan to appreciate this terrific video, just a lover of music who is curious about how great music is made, and amazed by the genius that’s required to make it. What’s the policy angle? Copyright law and intellectual property, of course.

Ben Smithwick – Lance Izumi on Digital Learning and School Choice

PRI’s Lance Izumi discusses the benefits of digital learning, accountability, competition, and other issues in this interview with “The Right Side”.

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