What We’re Watching – September 20

Tim Anaya – How Rent Control Hurts Renters

In the wake of the Legislature’s passage of AB 1482, so-called “rent gouging” legislation (which is really just another name for rent control), this great video from Prager U featuring Manhattan Institute scholar Nicole Gelinas shows just how government rent control policies don’t work and will actually hurt renters.

Rowena Itchon – Sally C. Pipes and Nick Gillespie Win Intelligence Squared Debate

Sally C. Pipes debates against the replacement of private insurance for Medicare for all at Intelligence Squared Debates in New York. Intelligence Squared Debates is non-partisan debate series that brings together experts to discuss pressing public policy issues. Ms. Pipes and her debate partner Nick Gillespie, editor of Reason magazine, were voted as the winners of the debate by the live debate audience.

Kerry Jackson – How young Canadians are coping with eco-anxiety.

The CBC highlights are children are reacting to “eco-anxiety.” Bringing children up in an environment of fear in a rich Western nation in the 21st century seems misguided.

Ben Smithwick – Let Charter Schools Teach

John Stossel explains how government restrictions on charter schools are keeping kids trapped in failing public schools. The video profiles students and parents in Philadelphia, where, 29,000 apply to get into charters but only 7,000 get in.


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