What We’re Watching – September 27


Tim Anaya – Let Charter Schools Teach

PRI’s Lance Izumi has extensively covered the passage of AB 1505, which would impose new restrictions and regulations on charter schools in California. In this video, Reason TV’s John Stossel explores the efforts of elected officials to try and restrict charter schools from competing with traditional public schools, which often fail students, especially those who live in poor and minority communities.

Ben Smithwick – Intelligence Squared Debate on Free Speech Principles 

This is an important debate hosted by Intelligence Squared on how social media companies should respond to hate speech and other types of offensive and/or fake content. The debate includes remarks by Maria Renske, a Dutch politician and former Member of the European Parliament, which has moved to increase regulations on social media platforms.

Kerry Jackson – Life is Getting Better

John Stossel breaks down a recent Reason Magazine cover that shows how our lives are healthier, richer, and safer, while most media make people think life gets worse.

Evan Harris – California Governor Gavin Newsom signs Fair Pay to Play Act 

In one of the more unique signing ceremonies, California Governor Gavin Newsom signs California Senate Bill 206, the Fair Pay to Play Act.

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