What We’re Watching – September 6 – Pacific Research Institute

What We’re Watching – September 6


Tim Anaya – Channeling My Inner Phil Donahue
In case you missed it, check out the video of a recent PRI luncheon with UC Berkeley Law Professor John Yoo and PRI’s Dr. Steven Hayward – also a Berkeley prof – on the battle for free speech on college campuses. Thanks to C-Span for covering the event and broadcasting it to a national audience. As an added bonus, you’ll see my arm holding the microphone as I do my best Phil Donahue impersonation.

Evan Harris – Elon Musk and Jack Ma Talk Artificial Intelligence
There’s always going to be a wild headline when Elon Musk and Jack Ma, who have a combined net worth of $56 billion, sit down to debate. The two recently debated a very wide range of topics (Mars, AI, aliens) at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference. Both Musk and Ma had very different answers about how the future of work and AI will impact employment, something PRI has talked about previously. Ma is optimistic about AI while Musk is more reserved.

Kerry Jackson – What’s Your Moonshot?
This week’s video is upbeat and inspirational — meaning that it’s completely out of sync with the narrative of the day, which has been created by the political left and enthusiastically furthered by the complicit media.

What’s Your Moonshot? | Mercatus Center

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