What We’re Watching – Stay at Home Edition


Tim Anaya – Week to Week Political Roundtable on Coronavirus

In case you missed it, last night I joined the Commonwealth Club’s Week to Week Political Roundtable. Due to the shelter in place orders in Sacramento and San Francisco – it was a livestreamed event and I joined the panel live from my dining room table. The political and economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic dominated the discussion, with some discussion of Campaign 2020 sprinkled in.

Rowena Itchon – A Map Not for the Fainthearted

This real-time interactive map designed by Johns Hopkins is the best map I’ve seen on the coronavirus outbreak.  It’s not for the fainthearted.

Ben Smithwick – Right to Try During Coronavirus Pandemic

The FDA’s decision to allow Coronavirus patients try drugs that haven’t been approved to treat the disease is re-igniting the debate over “Right to Try.” This video from Reason tells the story of a patient suffering from life-threatening illness who benefited from an experimental drug.

Evan Harris – The Independent Reports 103-year-old Chinese women recovered from the Coronavirus

With all the turmoil around the coronavirus, I wanted to share one piece of good news, however small. The Independent reported that a 103-year-old woman, Zhang Guangfen, recovered from the coronavirus after six days of treatment. Given the current outlook on COVID-19, it’s motivating to see a centenarian make a full recovery in the epicenter of the coronavirus.

Kerry Jackson – A Dissenting View on Global Warming

A movie with a dissenting view on global warming is a welcome, and needed, reprieve from the alarmist narrative.

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