What We’re Watching – What Happened in California?

Kerry Jackson – WTF Happened in California?

Recently, the Department of Motor Vehicles admitted that they accidentally registered more than 1,000 non-citizens to vote. It begs the question, “WTF Happened in California?” Enjoy this interview with Hoover Institution fellow and upcoming Sir Antony Fisher Freedom Award recipient Victor Davis Hanson explore what has happened over the years to send California into such decline.

Tim Anaya – It Wasn’t Always This Way!

Things weren’t always this bad in California. California was roaring just a few short years ago when Governor Pete Wilson occupied the “corner office” at the State Capitol. Governor Wilson was recently honored by PRI at our Baroness Thatcher Gala in Newport Beach. As part of the gala, there was a very informative roundtable discussion on Governor Wilson’s many accomplishments in office. It’s long, but a good watch to see the blueprint for how adopting a free-market vision is what’s needed to help California’s economy reach new heights.

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