What We’re Watching – Will A Carbon Tax Increase the Cost of a Sandwich?

Tim Anaya – Will A Carbon Tax Increase the Cost of a Sandwich?

One idea for a new tax that is floated around from time to time in California and Washington is a carbon tax.  Recently, our friends at the Texas Public Policy Foundation put out a video showing the real world impact of a carbon tax.  As the fun video shows – it would increase the cost of water, electricity – and even the cost of a sandwich!

Rowena Itchon – Why U.S. Must Embrace Innovation 

I recommend taking a look at this CNBC interview with John Chambers, chairman emeritus of CISCO.  He talks about the need to revitalize start-ups and innovation in the U.S. Even the French are leaving us behind!  Who knew?  As Chambers said – we would go to Paris for a wonderful dinner, but not to start a business.  That’s all changing…

John Chambers: There are not enough American unicorns from CNBC.

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