Why are Highly-Desired Industries & Jobs Not Coming to California? – Pacific Research Institute

Why are Highly-Desired Industries & Jobs Not Coming to California?

California lawmakers have made it clear. They want clean tech, R&D, manufacturing, energy, and other highly-desired industries to set up shop in California and create jobs in the Golden. State. Yet, despite introducing legislation offering tax credits and other incentives for these companies to come here, most are choosing not to expand or locate in the Golden State.

PRI wanted to know and commissioned a survey of 200 business executives in these fields to learn what was influencing their California location decisions. Watch the video above to learn about the results. While some of the answers from the executives may not surprise you, such as California’s high taxes and expensive regulations, they also made clear that quality of life issues like housing costs and education were also a key factor in their location decisions.

To read the full survey, click here.

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