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Winegarden Comments on COVID-19 Data Privacy Concerns


Title: Privacy considerations prevalent as COVID-19 testing migrates to workplaces
By: Sarah Downey, Northern California Record

As businesses embark on reopening plans, the question of how to test employees and customers for COVID-19 could present difficulty especially in the area of privacy law. . .

. . .

Research is underway to produce a paper-based rapid diagnostic test that would allow for testing on a daily basis, Wayne Winegarden, Ph.D., senior fellow in business and economics at the Pacific Research Institute, told the Record by email.

“A reasonably sensitive test administered daily would be effective at diagnosing cases more rapidly than current protocols,” Winegarden said. “People could also test daily at home, making it even easier and cheaper to diagnose (and isolate) people who have contracted the virus. If this type of technology were deployed in the fall (as is hoped), it would make a tremendous difference that could help spur the economic recovery while also helping control the pandemic.”

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