Winners and Losers – January 8

Tim Anaya, Senior Director of Communications

Winner:  Stacey Abrams – Say what you will about her, but there’s no doubt that the former Georgia House Democratic leader and failed Democratic gubernatorial candidate succeeded beyond her wildest imagination this week in her decade-long effort to turn Georgia blue with the election of two Democratic U.S. senators.  In the process, she elevated Sen. Chuck Schumer to majority leader in the U.S. Senate.  Hard-working American taxpayers, however, are probably not going to be the winners from that development.

Loser: Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley – On a day of national tragedy, he emerged as a national villain drawing scorn from Republicans and Democrats alike for encouraging what turned into a seditious mob at the Capitol, giving the rioters a clenched-fist power salute.  His stunt challenging the presidential electors from Arizona and Pennsylvania backfired, drawing just 6 and 7 votes in the Senate, respectively.  To top it all off, Simon and Schuster cancelled a planned book deal with Hawley on Thursday.  One week into 2021 and the would-be 2024 presidential candidate is way out in front to being the biggest loser of the year.

Evan Harris, Media Relations and Outreach Manager

Winner: Texas and Florida – Given its reputation, I’d hesitate to call Florida the winner of anything. But more people moved to Texas and Florida than any other state between 2019 and 2020. The Lone Star state netted 373,965 new residents while Florida added 241,256.

Loser: America – The events of this week at the U.S. Capitol were a low-point in what has been a trying year for the U.S. The events of Jan. 6 felt more like the capstone to 2020 then what was supposed to be the start of a new year. I’m always the optimist, so I know the country will come back stronger, but I hope the American spirit and desire to live up to the lofty goals we govern by are remembered and championed on both sides of the aisle.

Rowena Itchon, Senior Vice President

Winner: Joe Biden – Wins by Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock in the Georgia senatorial races makes it that much easier for Biden to pass his progressive agenda.  Look for higher taxes, climate change legislation, and big government spending proposals from Washington.

Loser: Law and Order – Just when we thought we had seen an end to the violent street riots of 2020, 2021 opens up with mob violence at the U.S. Capitol.  Let’s hope that the worst is behind us.  That Washington was caught off guard shows again why defunding law enforcement is bad policy.

Kerry Jackson, Fellow, Center for California Reform

Winners: The gubernatorial recall organizers – Agree or disagree with their effort to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom, their petition now has 1 million signatures.

Losers: Gig economy workers – With the Democrats holding the White House, the House, and having the tiebreaker in the Senate, they have a wide open window to outlaw independent contract work nationally as California did with Assembly Bill 5.

McKenzie Richards, Development Associate

Winner: Israel – Israel has been administering COVID-19 vaccines at an impressive rate. As Sally Pipes pointed out in her recent Fox News piece, COVID vaccinations are going much too slowly – here’s how to speed them up and save lives, Israel has already vaccinated 10.5% of its population. By cutting out bureaucratic measures, Israel has wasted very few vaccines overall. This approach is exemplified by a great story of an Israeli nurse who, at the end of the day, found she had a few vaccines about to expire. She ran outside and found a pizza boy to whom she administered the vaccine.

Loser: Grand Old Party – With a double defeat in the Georgia Senate runoffs, Mitch McConnell blocking the popular $2,000 stimulus checks, and the siege on the US Capitol by Trump protestors, the Republican party may take a long time to recover on the national stage.

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