Can California Really Power 25 Million Homes Via Offshore Wind Farms By 2045?

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California is relying heavily on offshore wind to take it to the nirvana of a carbon-neutral power grid in 2045. Sacramento believes so intensely in the concept that lawmakers recently introduced a bill that would allow voters to decide in the fall of 2024 if a $1 billion bond should be issued “to support activities related to the development of offshore wind energy generation.” That’s quite a sum for a project based more on political whimsy than the real world.

It’s a foolish gamble, yet it’s one that others are eager to make. Washington, for instance, approved a new wind project off the Massachusetts coast that supposedly will replace the generating power lost after a coal-fired plant was shut down in 2017. Any optimism should be tempered, though. California’s green “lead” will take the Bay State into the ditch.

California’s plans call for offshore wind farms to produce 25% (or 25 gigawatts, enough power for 25 million homes) of electricity by 2045. The state Energy Commission is in full-faith mode, expecting the sea breezes to “play a major role in helping the state achieve 100 percent clean electricity and carbon neutrality.”

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