Housing is Not Health Care and Medicaid Must Not Pay Rent

The New York Times recently published an article titled, “If Housing is a Health Care Issue, Should Medicaid Pay the Rent?” Throughout the piece, the author tells various stories of how using Medicaid to pay for housing in Philadelphia and Arizona has helped some homeless individuals. She explained current federal …


Plastics fight would inconvenience Californians, not do much to help the planet

Living in California isn’t easy. Energy prices, housing costs and taxes are outrageously expensive. The roads are a shambles and traffic is miserable. A perpetual man-made drought, likely power blackouts this summer, and rising homelessness and crime are diminishing our quality of life. If all that isn’t enough, there is …


How Many Will Die? The Progressive Criminal Justice Experiment

“I hit the city and I lost my band I watched the needle take another man Gone, gone, the damage done…” – Neil Young “The Needle and the Damage Done”  The Needle and the Damage Done may be Neil Youngs most misunderstood song.  Watch the video linked above – the …


When Right Thinking Californians Learn About Tennessee’s Policy Agenda, They Might Be Ready to Call a Realtor

I recently traveled to Nashville to attend the annual Heritage Foundation Resource Bank conference, and annual gathering of conservative policy leaders from around the country. While at the conference, I had the opportunity to hear great speakers including Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee and Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares and attend …


Even In Blue California, Leftism Has Its Limits

It took a few years, but it seems even the bluest city in the bluest state in the country has decided leftism has its limits. The first crack in the wall on the left has appeared in voters’ exasperation with crime. In San Francisco, they threw out District Attorney Chesa …


New Assembly Bill Seeks to Expand Dysfunctional CEQA

Assembly Bill 1001, a bill that expands upon and brings new, highly subjective standards to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), continues to successfully move through the California State Legislature. California enacted CEQA over five decades ago to reform the public decision-making process to incorporate environmental considerations. A leader in …


Let’s End the Suspense

On Thursday, the Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committees held their “suspense hearings.” For those of you who are not Capitol insiders, every bill that has a fiscal impact greater than $150,000 is sent to the “suspense file”.  Every one of these bills is weighed against one another for their fiscal …


California Population Falls Again – The Start Of A Long-Term Trend Or A Short-term Blip?

By Kerry Jackson & Wayne Winegarden California lost population for the second straight year in 2021. Just as 2020’s loss was the first in state history, the repeat is unprecedented. This is not supposed to happen in America’s most dynamic state. Is California’s time at the top over? California is …


California, Sunny With A Near-100% Chance Of Blackouts

In Gov. Gavin Newsom’s revised budget released last week, he asked for $5 billion to shore up the state’s electrical grid, calling energy reliability “an endless struggle” in California. And endless will it ever be as long as policymakers continue to pursue, with zero flexibility, an all-green energy portfolio by …

Free Cities

Jim Palmer – Orange County Rescue Mission

In this podcast, our guest is Jim Palmer, president and CEO of the Orange County Rescue Mission, the county’s most comprehensive private homeless services provider. Jim has worked to create long-term self-sufficiency and stability among the homeless by going beyond temporary solutions to address the underlying causes of transitional and chronic homelessness. Steve Greenhut, director of PRI’s Free Cities Project, discusses with Jim Palmer his strategy and success in transforming the lives of thousands of formerly homeless Californians.

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