Dangerous Health-Care Myths

Sally C. Pipes’s latest title, The Top Ten Myths of American Health Care, is a useful handbook for the health-care policy battle ahead. Pipes, the president of the Pacific Research Institute, shatters much of the conventional wisdom about American health care and offers conservatives bountiful ammunition for the coming showdown. …


Obama pursues universal health care

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, February 22, 2009 President Obama could make health care history, transforming how treatment and services are selected, delivered and paid for, many health care experts believe. Or, “ObamaCare,” touted as providing higher quality health care to all at a cheaper price, could be 2009’s “HillaryCare,” then first lady …


ObamaCare Attacks Communities’ Ability To Regulate Locally

I’ve spent much of the day considering the consequences of Sen. Obama’s victory in the presidential election to health reform efforts in the states. I regret to say that it does not look good. I wrote an analysis of Sen. McCain’s and Sen. Obama’s health plans before the election. Whatever …


‘RomneyCare’ should keep Mitt off McCain ticket

Scripps News Service, August 26, 2008 Seattle Post-Intelligencer, August 26, 2008 Socialized Medicine Blog (Australia), September 2, 2008 Just as most folks maintain a healthy distance from those with contagious diseases, John McCain would be wise to keep Willard Mitt Romney at arm’s length. Choosing him for vice president would …


A fight to the finish: McCain vs. Obama on health care

If you’re a member of Congress, you get exceptional health care coverage. In fact, Barack Obama likes his Senate plan so much he’d like everyone to have it. The only catch is, if we all had the generous coverage Congress enjoys, the American economy would have an instant heart attack. …

Health Care

Amicus Brief Against ObamaCare

May 12, 2011 — Docs 4 Patient Care, the Benjamin Rush Society, and the Pacific Research Institute issued the following statements after filing an amicus brief in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit supporting the district court’s decision that ObamaCare is unconstitutional. Hal Sherz, MD, FACS, FAAP, …

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