#ChartersWork School Profile: Pro-Vision Charter School

Pro-Vision Charter is an all-male charter school in Houston, Texas that addresses the needs of young men in underserved areas who are at risk of dropping out of school. Pro-Vision’s mission is to inspire hope and purpose in young people through access to academic, economic and social enrichment opportunities. Typically, students in the program have dropped out or been expelled from other middle or high schools.

The situation for these students is often dire. In the Houston Independent School District (HISD), only 81% of students finish high school, while 19% of high school kids drop out. Pro-Vision takes young men – some of whom have failed in multiple schools – and helps them to turn their lives around, finish high school, and lead a fulfilling life. Pro-Vision puts a college education within reach, encourages multiple types of secondary education, and helps its students develop interpersonal as well as academic skills.

Pro-Vision was founded 25 years ago by Roynell Young, a former NFL star that set his sights on improving education for students who the regular K-12 system failed. The core of the school’s brand is purpose. Each activity, from the mentorship program to chess is designed to further student development. Pro-Vision supersaturates its environment with purpose and goal setting, encouraging students to develop strong personal and academic character as well as useful life skills to combat the forces that lead students to drop out.

The bedrock of Pro-Vision’s curriculum is the Manhood Development Program, which relies on adult mentors to commit to groups of students throughout their academic and athletic careers. Pro-Vision uses the Manhood Development mentoring program, the athletic program, and strong academic support to help students work through their differences. The result is strong success: five years after graduation, 97% of Pro-Vision students are attending college, learning a trade, or serving in the military.

Pro-Vision takes Houston’s least-advantaged students and gives them the hope and skills necessary to change the course of their life for the better.
For more information about Pro-Vision Charter School, visit www.provision-inc.org.

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