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New PRI Poll: As New School Year Begins, Voters See Room for Improvement with Local Schools

SACRAMENTO – As students head back to school, a new national survey commissioned by the California-based, nonpartisan, free-market think tank, the Pacific Research Institute finds that voters are more dissatisfied with their local school boards than their neighborhood schools, and see room for improvement in public education. When asked how they rated their local public schools, 45 percent rated them as being excellent or good, compared to 47 percent who rated them as being fair, ...
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Producing Democratic Citizens: Private Schools Do Better Than Public Schools

As college campuses across the country descend into chaos, with authoritarian mobs violently taking over buildings, attacking police, and vandalizing property, Americans rightly wonder why so many young people are engaging in grossly undemocratic behavior.  New research provides a clue, with public schools scoring significantly below private schools in forming democratic citizens. According to the latest Census Bureau data, 47 million students are enrolled in public K-12 schools, while 7 million are enrolled in private ...

How Lowered Academic Standards Hurts California’s Students, Economy – 2024 Sacramento Policy Conference

From PRI’s 2024 Sacramento policy conference, senior director of education studies Lance Izumi moderates a panel discussing the implosion of academic rigor in California’s schools, and how that affects California’s students – particularly those most vulnerable – and impacts the state’s economic competitiveness. A preview of his upcoming PRI book The Great Classroom Collapse, Lance talks with parent activists who share their stories about challenging the education status quo in their communities. Learn about reforms ...


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