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Charters Shortchanged Despite State Funding Increases

L.A. Charter Schools Receive Less Funding Than Regular Public Schools

While Governor Gavin Newsom has touted how he has increased state education funding during his tenure, charter schools have seen less funding compared to regular public schools, with the gap widening in places like Los Angeles. A new study by the University of Arkansas analyzes the funding disparity between charter schools and their regular public school counterparts in the Los Angeles Unified School District. In the mid-2010s, California implemented a new state education funding mechanism …

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SCOTUS Harvard-UNC Case: Higher Ed’s Discrimination Against Asians

On March 28, 2023, Lance Izumi delivered the following address as part of a National Association of Scholars panel that discussed discrimination against Asian Americans in higher education. Let me start by saying that we often hear that underrepresented minorities face a systemic problem in education.   However, that systemic problem is not systemic racism, but the systemic failure of the public schools to prepare these minority students for higher education.   I have always …

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Can Taxpayers Afford New Union Giveaways?

The LAUSD Strike and the State Budget Deficit: Train Wreck Ahead

While coverage of the recent strike by Los Angeles teachers and school staff members has focused on the immediate wage demands of the unions and the impact on students and their families, the bigger and looming issue is how California’s growing state budget deficit could impact any collective bargaining agreement. The staff union, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), ultimately received a 30 percent wage increase for its members in the deal struck between the …


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